Cribs 2008, The Bathroom Edition

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Another weekend, another bathroom remodel, courtesy of Mr Bond who kindly offered to retile our bathroom. As with most of these types of projects, what I thought would take a couple of days actually took quite a few days, but the results were worth it.

No more crazy painted tiles, just nice cool white ones which make it look like you are showering inside a fox’s glacier mint.

We had the envious task the weekend just gone of finishing off which actually meant some serious drilling, hanging and, most scarily of all, sticking a massive mirror to the wall. Despite the reassurance of the tube of no-nails, I am still waking up in a cold sweat thinking that it is going to fall off and cause some massive destruction. It hasn’t happened yet though!

Img 0310 Img 0265 Img 0288 Img 0326 Img 0327 Img 0328 Img 0260 Img 0289

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