The journey, part 1

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The journey, part 1, originally uploaded by skinnyjimmy.

This picture might not have a great deal of significance, train tracks, slightly underexposed, but I like to think, nicely composed. But it does, to me.

That significance? I am taking a train to work, after a very interesting collision between my scooter and the front corner of a car a week last Thursday. Thankfully, nothing too serious resulted, just some sprained ankles, knees and completely bruised shins. The bike, a write-off.

So, for the time being, I am back on the train and you know what, it isn’t too bad. A new train station just around the corner, 20 mins into Victoria and then a lovely half hour walk up to the office (or a shorter bus ride). I get to read my phone messages, surf the net, listen to podcasts - all the things that I haven’t been able to do since having the scooter.

That’s seven years of scooter riding. It’s still going to be hard to give it up, but thankfully I can still make that decision, and live to fight another day. And you might see some more cool travel pictures.