Au Revoir, Old Friend (MX-5 for sale!)

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Due to circumstances well within my control, I’m ‘upgrading’ my car to a family one!

I’m not usually sentimental about possessions, but I have a soft spot for objects I think are beautiful and this particular car has generated many happy memories for me.

It is a Mk 2 Jasper Conran special edition version, which means it has lovely alloy wheels, a nicely powerful 1.8 litre engine and a swanky red leather interior with matching tonneau cover (which goes over the roof when it’s down). I bought it in 2007, it has now done 92000 miles (this is below average mileage) and is from 2001.

Serviced annually it still drives beautifully and gets about 32mpg so it’s not crazy expensive to run (I’ve been tracking the fuel usage). It is badged to indicate that it is number 88 out of 100 cars in this special edition. I updated the stereo when I got the car (I didn’t have many minidiscs!), so it has radio/cd with Bluetooth connectivity.

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This car has taken us on many adventures, from the Lake District, over to Normandy, to the south of France and over the Alps to the Italian lakes. I can give you some tips of some great European routes.

The boot is plenty big enough to hold a couple of well packed bags and the parcel shelf can also hold luggage (with the roof up or down). If you’re after a fun car that can still do the weekly shop, I can highly recommend it, and for once, I even agree with Jeremy Clarkson! He says:

“The fact is that if you want a sports car, the MX5 is perfect. Nothing on the road will give you better value. Nothing will give you so much fun. The only reason I’m giving it five stars is because I can’t give it 14.”

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You’ll also have the excuse to obtain a nice selection of natty hats. You will be amazed how having the roof down on a bright, cold, winters day is awesome - the heaters work a treat keeping you warm. In other words, don’t let winter put you off!

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I’ll be sad to see the car go, but I’m obviously happy for the reasons it has to be sold. I’m looking to get £2950 for it, so if you’re interested in a massively fun little car get in touch!