Updating is hard to do

1 minute read

Well, my idea to update every week – on a Friday afternoon – is probably not going to be as easy as I thought. Friday afternoon? After a whole week of work? And a weekend of no sleep?

It was a foolish idea, and why this particular update will be so sparse.

This week, all that changes is this page – and the corresponding diary. Sorry if you had spent the whole week anticipating more. The competition page will be around for one more week as well, so rush in your entries by Friday, March 3rd.

I can give you news and gossip though. Last weekend was our trip down the Great Ocean Road in a Tarago (big people-carrier type thing), a weekend of gorgeous weather, fantastic scenery, and the company wasn’t too bad either (and I have just got the photos back, so I think I know what next weeks update is going to be).

So, yes, it was a lovely weekend.

Another of the quickest weeks that the world has ever seen has passed, and you will all be pleased to know that Melbourne is heading for it’s hottest February in over 100 years.

And I was here. Hahahahahahahaaaaaaa.

After last weeks update, Mr Steven Bloxbridge (aka Simon) complained that there wasn’t enough mention of him on the web site (you can find photos of him in the A Little Wander section for christmas and new year.), so now you get a mention on the front page, Steve! I hope you are happy.

Other news this week? I met a girl…

p.s. you still can’t submit anything to the visitors book yet – that will come when I get around to it – but Neil’s submission is there, ‘cos he made me laugh…