A mini holiday

2 minute read

Tired … so very, very tired…

Does this have something to do with “the girl”?

That would be telling.

What do you mean, this is a diary? OK, maybe I will tell you, one day.

But seriously, I am happy, and Georgina (for that is she) is adding a wonderful extra dimension – it is just sad that she will be moving on soon. In fact, after the Grand Prix on the 12th, all of the people that have been such a huge part of my life for the last couple of months will have moved on.

Maybe – then – time will slow down.

While I am in a melancholy mood, I should say to Neil, Simon, Richard, George, Cindy and Sally that I will miss you all, and hope that the next parts of your trip are as much fun as mine were.

Maybe that is what I am missing at the moment. Travelling.

The week has, once again, flown by although nothing of significance happened. This is not a bad thing, when the things that are not of significance – day to day life – make you happy.

Which they do.

Next week, I am having a mini-holiday – two days off work! – and going to Philip Island, Wilsons Prom and the Mornington Peninsula, which should be lovely. I will tell you all about it next week.

The website this week?

Well, I scanned in all the Great Ocean Road pictures from the other weekend, but never got around to adding the text to go with the pictures.

So you get that next week too.

But I cannot leave you with nothing (apart from this), so have a look at this picture of some of the worst dancing ever (believe me, you had to be there), and I have created a custom 404-page, so if anyone gets lost, at least they will be able to find their way back. I won’t link to it – but you will know if you get it.

I ‘spam-proofed’ my pages, and have started to add the closing tags that were missing from them all (thanks, Dunc!)

And the competition is closed! Thanks for all the entries (Ta Lynne! Ta Gavin!), which I will be incorporating into the site over the next couple of weeks…

Time for bed?