Winter time

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Another week, another journal entry…

First of all, I have just been told that this weekend is Mothers Day in the UK. Damn. Guess what Mum, no card from me this year!

I am sorry, but instead of sending you one of those soulless Blue Mountain cards, I thought I would let you know here that I miss you loads and cannot believe it has been so long since I have seen you in person. As the best mum I have ever had, I think that I have been incredibly lucky – even if you never fed me properly!

On another soppy note I am still missing George like crazy – who would ever have thought that I had feelings and emotions too (that was a surprise, hey Stewart?)! Never before did the saying ‘you don’t know what you have until it’s gone’ mean so much. I hope you are flattered, George!

Winter time kicked in this week ‘Down Under’ as we took our clocks back an hour – so now I go home in the dark (only because I spend time after work doing this bloomin’ thing though!), which is kinda spooky – especially with all the mad people that seem to come out at night in Melbourne and roam the tram network.

It certainly makes for an interesting tram ride home.

And this month holds Melbourne’s international comedy festival, so hopefully I will get to see a few decent comedians (unlike last years debacle with Craig Charles…). Eddie Izzard, anyone?

site news

Site updates this week include updating all of the remaining trip pages to match the new, spunky template, so if you want to go back and refresh your memory – and see how Beatles-like my hair used to look – you just go right ahead and do it!

And the hits are going through the roof – hopefully this week the new version will have been hit over 350 times. If you give me 50 for checking how the front page looks after each update, that is still over 300 page views. Mum – is that you again?

Now I just have to start getting some more new and original content (anybody want to join the JClub party?), and my empire will be limitless…