Parking Fine

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i hate football

But at least I haven’t spent any more money on clothes today.

Working over sucks – five hours extra over the past two days (late nights and early mornings), which might not sound a lot. But it is. Believe me.

I am a little closer to making the forms work again, so theJimmyology will be alive again, as will the message form.


quiz gods

After spending a fortune on clothes the other day, we headed to the bar (for me to drown my sorrows in coke), and they had one of those electronic quiz things going. We joined in half way through a game, and came a poor last. In the second game though, the combined geniuses of me and George (team name: Bond J for ultimate cheeziness) meant that we won and got our name on the top ten of the whole world! Or something like that, anyway. Not even when I teamed up with Stewart (remember the games in the All-Star Sports Bar, Stewart?) did we manage this wonderous feat. But then, he was an ****, which would explain it all…

other stuff

Have to pay my first parking fine tomorrow. It was all George and Neil’s fault. Nothing to do with me (honest), but I don’t reckon the council will accept that as an excuse, eh?

I had a dream about the trams in Melbourne. I was the driver, it was really busy and there were people crowded into my little driver’s cab (it was packed to the rafters). Besides this I was enjoying myself (I think I could happily be a tram driver), but then the tracks veered off into a roller-coaster and we went faster and faster, and then around and upside down and all the general directions that a roller-coaster goes. And then I woke up.

What could it all mean?

I have thoughts in my head. What can I do with them…?