The Big Sheeds turns 30

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The Big 3-0 Photo Album

And the other big event of the weekend was the celebration of the first of the “gang-of-four’s” entry into the fourth decade. Actually, the fourth decade sounds a lot better than ‘turning 30’, I think. Actually, scrub that, it sounds scary whichever way you put it.

We started off with a meal in the trendy West 1, at one end of Division St in Sheffield. This seems to be the place where the uber-new restaurants and bars are hanging out at the moment, but I still remember it as the place where we had to go and learn to get wet and swim in pyjamas, it being the old home of the Glossop Road Baths. Blimey, calling it the baths again makes me feel all warm and northern…

Anyway, I digress.

In the Asian noodle bar, East 1 (yes, in West 1), we met up for some pre-drinking food and got to present Neil with his gift, a shiny-black and gorgeous 4 gig iPod Nano. It was all I could do to hand over that sucker, but it was worth it in the end to see his little (although still Bert Newton sized) face light up with the surprise. And I still felt good for brining another friend into the Apple fold – I reckon I will soon be able to start up a business supporting the family and friends!

After the meal it was onto the Devonshire Cat, revamped as a Belgian Beer bar, where Jonathan seemed to pick the most disgustingly tasting beer, with the essence of bonfire toffee! I am all one for seasonal food, but that seems to be taking things a bit too far. It was also nice to catch up with the Mr and Mrs Sheedy, who also seemed to have a good time helping Neil commiserate/celebrate. And there was Big Rich and Little Simon, who we first met travelling in Australia, and who are still, well, big and little.

Then a bit more drinking and dancing in the The Common Room, a ‘Lounge and Pool’ bar, where we did lots of lounging but not much pool, and then the place went and closed at midnight. Damn you, ridiculously outdated but soon changing licencing laws! Then again, we are getting old, so maybe it was for the best. Bloomin’ good night up until that point though, and now the first of my friends is over the hill, it would appear to be me next.

Midlife-crisis time, anyone?