links for 2006-02-06

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[Enable WebDAV in OS X Panther](


instructions on setting up a webdav server on os x


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[Top hits music and mp3 Music dvd releases](


simple but useful search form for album covers


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[Dan Dickinson: The Primary Vivid Weblog: Another Quicksilver Tutorial: Gold Trigger](


more quicksilver info


(tags: [quicksilver]( [reference]( [tips]( [tutorial](


how to speed read…


(tags: [productivity]( [speedreading]( [tools]( [howto](
[GrApple – Aronnax\`s Firefox Themes](


great Safari-esque themes for Firefox OSX


(tags: [firefox]( [themes]( [osx](


how to fake the lomography effect in photoshop


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[ – 9557 Adobe Photoshop Tutorials](


as it says in the description…


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[Photoshop Tutorials for beginners. | Ask MetaFilter](


loads of suggestions


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[ Themed Fonts Download Free Movie and Music Fonts](


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