links for 2006-02-13

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[Textpattern Support Forum / Make TextPattern compatible with cocomment:](


for use with the comments tracking system


(tags: [php]( [textpattern]( [cocomment](
[coComment – clear conversation in the blogosphere](


track your comments on other people’s blogs


(tags: [cocomment](
[SOUTH LONDON PACIFIC Tiki Lounge Cocktail Bar](


(tags: [london]( [bars](
[Bind Computer to Active Directory – Automator Actions](


(tags: [admin]( [apple]( [automator]( [osx]( [activedirectory](
[—Panther and Active Directory](


mostly useful for using dsconfigad on the command line


(tags: [activedirectory]( [mac]( [osx]( [sysadmin]( [unix](
[HOWTO Rip DVD Movies To Your iPod Using Free Software](




(tags: [ipod]( [video]( [howto](
[Photoshop CS2 HDR](


(tags: [digital]( [photoshop]( [hdr]( [camera]( [howto](
[Critical Section – The Tyranny of Email](


(tags: [gtd]( [email]( [productivity](
[Yoz Grahame’s Cheerleader: Seven quick tips for a spam-free blog](


(tags: [blog]( [spam]( [tools](
[The Happy Poster Project](


to cheer up your neighbours…


(tags: [poster]( [fun](